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Baby Nose-Clear Eezimed Medicine Dummy
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Baby Nose-Clear Eezimed Medicine Dummy(Now Called Dentinox Medicine Dispenser)

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brand 4little1 Baby Nose-Clear

The Baby Nose Clear medicine dummy is a quick and simple way to give medicine to your baby.

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It is so simple and really useful for when your baby has a fever and has a raised temperature or fever. This might be due to a cold, flu, ear ache, teething or something more severe. Follow the guidelines on the medication for age of use and dosage.

The baby medicine dummy provides a safe and easy way of administering exact amounts of medicine to your baby. It combines a unique patented syringe with a pacifier and thereby causes significantly less stress for the infant than other methods. A small channel inside the teat allows the medicine to be given either passively through sucking, or actively, by slowly depressing the plunger to ease the medicine into the back of the infant's mouth. Snap fit locks the plunger in place once the medicine is fully expelled from the syringe.

This baby medicine dispenser is not a soother or pacifier. It is a baby drug dispenser and should not be used for long periods of time.


•Prior to first use, boil for 5 minutes and dry thoroughly.
•Snap open the chamber behind the teat and pull back the plunger.
•Measure the required dose and add this to the dummy. It may need to be refilled for larger doses.
•Close chamber ensuring it is snapped tightly shut.
•Give to baby & where necessary gently depress the plunger to administer the full contents.

After each use wash the dummy, with the chamber open, in warm soapy water to remove all residues. Flush the channel in the teat by pushing the plunger in and out.Then soak in a baby bottle sterilising solution in accordance with their instructions. Dry thoroughly and store ready for next use. DO NOT re-boil the dummy after first use.

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