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MegaVent Breathing Aid - Large
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MegaVent Breathing Aid - Large

MegaVent Breathing Aid - Large
Mega vent breathing aid, relieves nasal congestion; drug free and durable. Helps to stop snoring.
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Mega vent breathing aid, relieves nasal congestion; drug free and durable. Helps to stop snoring.
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MegaVent supports the nostrils gently and improves nasal breathing. The soft thermoplastic material is smooth and comfortable to sensitive nasal membranes.

MegaVent stays firmly in place all night. Without pressure, adhesive or irritation. MegaVent offers real comfort. Theunique shape was developed to avoid the problem of springlike nose dilators loosening.

4000 snorers tested MegaVent, a clear majority of the responders reported less snoring and improved nasal breathing. Around 80% approved of comfort and fitting. The oral health benefits of improved nasal breathing are scientifically well established facts.

Dry saliva due to mouth breathing is a known discomfort that can be minimized by MegaVent.

Original shape fits most nostrils - or personalise in seconds : 10-20 seconds under hot tap water, press from the short sides to get desired shape, then cool in cold water for 5 seconds. Done! It can be reshaped for the perfect fit. Each pair may last approx. one month.

If your nose is unable to supply enough oxygen to your lungs (due to congestion, allergy, broken nose etc.) your body with compensate by breathing through the mouth, like when yawning.

When asleep, the mouth often stays open and without support, the lower jaw sinks down and backwars along with the tounge and soft tissues in the back of themouth, resulting in a blocked airway.

With less air passage the body will increase its effort ot get equal amounts of oxygen making the soft tissue vibrate, resulting in snoring. And, often a very annoying noise when exhaling.

MegaVent provides a clear nasal passage by preventing the nostrils from collapsing, not forecefully but gently.

The increased nasal air flow keeps the brain from signalling for heavy breathing to get enough oxygen. Breathing becomes more relaxed and slow which helps reduce the ibrations in narrow airways that causes snoring and dry mouth can be avoided.

MegaVent is not forcing the nostrils open. It only keeps them from collapsing. It will comfortably support inside your nose cavity, without falling out. The lack of spring function makes it very comfortable.

What size:
If thumb fits nostril; Large.
If little finger fits best; Medium.

Care; Rinse in warm tapwater with soap. Air dry. Rinse before inserting.


E.V.A plastic without silicon/latex.


For adults only. Do not use if damaged or broken. Do not use during nose bleeds or when you have nose sores.

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