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Vitis Access Toothbrush Small
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Vitis Access Toothbrush Small

Vitis Access Toothbrush Small
Vitis Toothbrush provides effective Orthodontic cleaning.
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Vitis Toothbrush provides effective Orthodontic cleaning.

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Vitis Orthodontic Access toothbrush is a small headed brushed with V-shaped thread contour for simulations cleaning of tooth surface and braces

- Its V-shaped threads contour efficiently clean teeth (long threads) and appliances (small threads) at the same time and with maximum effectiveness.
- Its small head makes it the ideal for childrens mouths (main wearers of orthodontics appliances)
- Higher precision in teeth cleaning.
- Greatest adaptation to all oral cavities.
- Enables access to difficult to reach areas, avoiding the nausea reflex.
- Its rounded and textured threads provide excellent care of dental enamel and gums.
- Its ergonomic handle adapts perfectly to your hand and to your mouth shape providing maximum comfort.
- Its protective cap keeps threads grouped together in optimal conditions, and isolates them from external contacts.


Use a specific orthodontics brush, VITIS Orthodontic access small head, to eliminate food debris and accumulated dental bio film. It is important to do it on both the upper and lower side appliances and the external and internal side of the teeth.
Brush your teeth just as if you were not wearing appliances:
a. Place the brush above the appliances forming a 45º angle between teeth and gums. Do circular movements during 10 seconds.
b. Repeat the previous step but underneath the arch or the wire.
c. Clean the mastication surfaces.

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