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Orthaheel Orthotics Slimfit - Large Womens 9-10 1/2

RRP: 21.78
Great deal! Save 2.18!
Only 19.60

Orthaheel Orthotics Slimfit - Large Womens 9-10 1/2

Orthaheel Orthotics - Designed by podiatrist Phillip Vasyli to relive aching feet and legs.

Weight:   0.13 kg
size Large
brand Orthaheel
Price:   19.60 , including VAT 20%



More Information

'ORTHAHEEL Slimfit' is an orthotic shoe insert, specifically designed for ladies' fashion footwear. Invented by internationally renowned Podiatrist Phillip Vasyli, ORTHAHEEL provides natural lasting comfort and relief from:

- Pain or burning sensation in the ball of the foot
- Heel and arch pain
- Bunions, callous and corns.
- Tired, aching legs
- Low back pain.

ORTHAHEEL correctly supports the arch and forefoot area, realigning the entire body. Made of cushioning PU and Sorbon, with ORTHAHEEL you'll enjoy lasting comfort and relief!

Designed to fit in all types of ladies' fashion footwear, including high heels.

ball of Foot Pain

Ball of Foot Pain (Metatarsalgia) commonly occurs when the foot pronates and the bones in the forefoot (metatarsals) collapse. Often, there is a burning sensation under the ball of the foot.

ORTHAHEEL re-aligns the foot, supports the forefoot area and evenly distributes the weight over the 5 metatarsal bones. This helps remove excess weight and friction, thereby relieving the pain.

Callous and Corns

Corns and callous commonly develop when the metatarsal bones drop (due to excess pronation) causing the toes to claw. Friction and rubbing from your footwear then causes corns and callous to develop on the tops of your toes and/or the bottom of your feet.

ORTHAHEEL controls excess pronation and prevents dropping of the metatarsal bones and furthermore clawing of the toes. Thereby removing this friction and rubbing which causes corns and callous.

Aching Legs

Tired/aching legs are commonly caused by strain and traction on the calf muscles at the back of the legs. This occurs when the feet roll over and the legs rotate internally. In turn, this places stress on the leg muscles.

ORTHAHEEL controls excess pronation - decreasing internal rotation of the leg and traction on the calf muscles, thereby taking away this common cause of tire/aching legs.

Product code:616542011413

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